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Illinois is an equitable distribution state, which means that property division during the divorce process is held to a standard of basic fairness, not simply divided down the middle.

This makes property division in our state a less mechanical process, which in turn means that you want a lawyer who can make a strong case for division that is fair to you. With so much at stake — home, cars, investments, retirement savings, family business — you don’t want a beginner pleading your case.

What’s Yours, What’s Mine ∙ The Craft Of Asset Division

Property division is about property, “stuff,” but it goes beyond that. You are about to enter a new chapter in your life, and you want to enter it with confidence and many of the material things you will need. Property division affects other areas, too, such as child support and spousal support. Property division must often be balanced with these other obligations.

Skillfully Distinguishing Nonmarital From Marital Property

The Law Office of Dawn R. Underhill of Joliet, Illinois, prides itself on its analytical skills in dividing those assets that are clearly from the marriage, from those that are separate. Attorney Underhill has the skill to valuate and extricate assets that started out as premarital and separate, but have become commingled over time.

Joliet property division lawyer Dawn Underhill is adept at every kind of property division: from the very simple to the very complex. We also work with domestic partners who are dissolving their union to achieve the same satisfactory divisions as straight people.

Sorting out “what is yours and what is mine” is a process that is emotionally difficult and will shape your future life. Hire Dawn Underhill to make the division one you can live with.

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