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When you are victimized by a member of your household, there is a tendency to absorb the abuse and even to rationalize it. At The Law Office of Dawn R. Underhill, we urge you to take action the first time you are struck, threatened, stalked, injured or deprived of your freedom to move about.

Family violence is serious business. Our office will help you obtain protection and build effective defenses for you and other family members. Will County courts are very responsive to the needs of families in distress. Our lawyer can help you request the court’s protection. Unlike many legal processes, emergency orders of protection are enforceable almost immediately.

Protection Against All Forms Of Domestic Violence

Illinois courts grant emergency orders of protection, which are a specific kind of restraining order. You do not have to be married to the abusing person. He or she can be a spouse or civil union partner, a family member, or someone you are involved with. In emergency situations, it is not necessary to give the other party notice, but that person may request a hearing to oppose the imposition of the order.

There are different kinds of orders of protection. They have the power to:

  • Prohibit all contact with the other person, even by email
  • Remove the abuser from the residence
  • Award temporary possession and legal custody of any minor children to the abused party
  • Order child support payments
  • Order the abuser to get counseling
  • Order the abuser to surrender firearms to police
  • Order the abuser to pay for losses suffered due to the abuse, for shelter costs, and the cost of counseling for the protected party and children

Criminal Defense For Those Accused Of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence law has one foot in family law, seeking to protect families from dangerous behavior. But it has another foot in criminal law, defending those charged wrongly or unfairly of endangering family members.

Conviction on domestic violence charges sets off a series of undesirable actions, which may include prison, job loss, damage to reputation and loss of constitutional rights. You are entitled to quality representation. Dawn Underhill will defend you aggressively and with determination.

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If you are trapped in an abusive situation, do not delay. Your safety and the safety of your family may be at stake. Contact order of protection attorney for help. You will find us to be skilled in the law and 100 percent on the side of protecting you from harm.

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