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It is common for stepparents to wish to adopt the child of their spouses with previous partners. The adoption is a very good thing for the child, resolving questions about inheritance and legal and financial responsibilities. And it sends the powerful and loving message, “You are part of the family.”

But stepparent adoption must consider the rights of the noncustodial, biological parent. Adoption can go forward only if the noncustodial, biological parent consents, or if he or she loses parenting rights.

Termination Of Parental Rights Lawyer Dawn Underhill

If the relationship is healthy and strong, adoption may not be possible. If there are issues of abuse, neglect or nonsupport, it may be necessary to terminate the noncustodial, biological parent’s rights as a parent to facilitate the adoption by the stepparent.

These are some of the kinds of neglect that can lead to termination of parental rights:

  • Failure to pay child support
  • Failure to provide health insurance coverage
  • Failure to help with the costs of birth
  • No or infrequent visitation
  • Failure to remember the child on birthdays and holidays
  • Unacceptable behavior

Assistance With Adopting In Joliet, Illinois

Stepparent adoption can be done in as little as one month, or it can take as long as two or three months.

Bear in mind that the court will always act in what it believes to be the best interests of a child.

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